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While Getting A Coffee Subscription in Santa Monica, Pay a Visit to the Third Street Promenade



While Getting A Coffee Subscription in Santa Monica, Pay a Visit to the Third Street Promenade

Are you in Santa Monica but lost in what you can do while you’re in the area? Are you looking for a specific spot that can provide you a little bit of everything from arts to cafes to even sign up for a coffee subscription, along with restaurants and bars to relax? If so, then you’re going to love the Third Street Promenade. You definitely should take advantage of this plaza, given how much it offers you in the variety of things to do and items you could buy. 




You may not realize it at first, but there are a variety of beauty products you can buy when you step within the plaza, with many stores that you can visit to get whatever you need to beautify your looks. You can drop by the Lash Pilot for a lash extension, or if you’re looking for hair removal, then stopping by LaserAway is what you should want to do. For your hair, pay a visit to Carlton Hair and many others at your disposal. 




You’re going to find more restaurants that you have time to visit. The sheer volume of which we’ll keep you wondering if you want to visit Italian Restaurants like Massilia or perhaps Japanese restaurants like Sarku Japan. You’re going to be overwhelmed by the number of choices to decide. You’ll even try the food you may not have considered initially, like the Greek Cava or even Rita’s Gate of India, to enjoy the finest of cuisine. With all this variety, it means that there will be different foods available for everyone, whether it be pricy or cheap. Plus, as mentioned before, if you’re not in the mood for food and various types of drinks, there are plenty of bars and cafes that offer coffee subscriptions to sate your thirst. 


The Arts


After you’ve had a bite to eat, you may want to see the local art that has been produced within the area by the brightest minds around. If it’s the work of local artists you wish to view, you will want to visit Gibson Pop Up Gallery. If you’re possibly interested in seeing some of the outstanding stained glass art in the area, stop by Adamm’s Stained Glass & Gallery. On the other hand, if you’re more interested in purely being entertained by revolutionary technology combined with art, visit the Trick Art Museum. As you can see, there’s no shortage to the variety of different types of art that you can see and wow your eyes; you’re going to love visiting this part of the Promenade.




The Third Street Promenade is doubtlessly one of the most fun areas you can visit whenever you find yourself in Santa Monica. With the sheer amount of food, entertainment, art, and other helpful services at its disposal, it would be a wonder why you wouldn’t take the time to visit. 


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