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Here Are Our Top Picks For Bike Shops Los Angeles

Bike Shops Los Angeles Are A Good Place To Spend Some Time


Here Are Our Top Picks For Bike Shops Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a lot going for it. There’s so much great food, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, some scintillating local sports, and of course, the glorious weather. One of the best aspects of living on the West Coast is that you can get outside most days and take advantage of a bright, sunny day, and that should be plenty of incentive to stay in shape. To that end, we’re here to talk about some of the best bike shops Los Angeles. Biking is an excellent workout, and it’s suitable for all ages.


El Maestro Bicycle Shop


On South Main Street is El Maestro Bicycle Shop, a longtime neighborhood staple. The staff is very knowledgeable, and they’ll be glad to answer any questions you have regardless of your experience level. The prices on bikes are reasonable, the only potential drawback being that it’s on the small side, so the selection of bikes and parts is limited. Locals swear this is the best place to go for repairs, though, so if you’re looking to buy, you might want to try elsewhere, but if you’ve been in a wreck or you need a couple of replacement parts, these are your guys.


Beverly Hills Bike Shop


This independently-owned shop on West Pico Blvd in Beverly Hills is definitely in the running for best in the city. They have a big selection of brand-name bikes, helmets, and other gear, so if you’re looking to buy, this might be your best choice. They also have several rental options, and they do repairs and maintenance. If you’re serious about the hobby, this is the place to go. The employees love to talk shop, and they also have all kinds of recommendations as far as the best bike trails and routes through the city.


Lion’s Bike Shop


On West 29th Street, this store doesn’t specialize in high-end bikes, instead dealing in some of the lower tier brands as well as the better-known players, but that’s by no means a bad thing. If you’re budget conscious, this is a good bet, as you can get a fair deal on a set of wheels that won’t set you back all that much. They also have a wide selection of saddles, locks, helmets, and all manner of other paraphernalia. They’re family-owned, and the employees are very attentive.


LA has long had a reputation for excellent bike trails and parks that are perfect for your cycling needs. If you’ve got kids, you can start them young, as the passion for cycling should begin at a young age. Hopefully, if the young people in your life take to it, then they will enjoy this method of transportation and exercise for the rest of their lives. As for these shops, check them out and see which one is the best fit for you. For all you intrepid two-wheeled explorers out there, stay hydrated, wear a helmet for safety, and we’ll see you next time with some more recommendations.


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