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Let’s Track Down The Best Bookstores Los Angeles

Here Are Some Fine Bookstores Los Angeles


Let’s Track Down The Best Bookstores Los Angeles

In today’s world of Kindles and other platforms, it seems that print books are dwindling. That might be good in the sense that paper and trees are being saved, but there’s something about holding a book and feeling it, even smelling it, that is very satisfying, and hopefully that will never go entirely out of style. There are many excellent bookstores Los Angeles, and here are some ones of which we’re particularly fond.


Skylight Books

On Vermont Avenue, this indie bookstore has an impressive selection of titles, but what truly sets it apart is the many launch events and author appearances. The staff is super friendly and attentive, and the bookstore cat is always happy to meet new people. You can easily get lost browsing these shelves, so make sure you have a morning or an afternoon to spare. The prices are quite reasonable too. Check their event calendar and see who’s reading, and you can get your book signed by the author.


The Last Bookstore

On Spring Street north of Huntington Park, this is both a book and record store. There are plentiful used and new items in a multilevel space decorated with pieces by local artists. Very much a community staple, the staff will be happy to buy your used books, or you’ll get a better deal in trade. It’s very popular, though, so go on a weekday rather than an evening or weekend if you want to avoid the crowds. The books are also extremely cheap, though the selection varies, as they go through so much inventory. If you’re looking for something specific, it’s best to call ahead.


Chevalier’s Books

This store on Larchmont Blvd east of Beverly Hills is rather small and cozy, with overstuffed chairs that are an excellent place to put your feet up and relax for a few minutes. There are a variety of subjects and genres from which to choose, and there are frequent signings as well. The children’s book selection is particularly well curated. The staff is always quick with a recommendation.


While it might be easier to transport a book (or an entire library) on your Kindle or other electronic devices, there are some who will always appreciate the weight of a real book in their hands. These stores are keeping the dream alive for those select few, so it’s great to support them. Check these ones out, and you’re sure to find a new favorite.   

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