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Spot To Go To After Breakfast in Santa Monica: the Santa Monica History Museum



Spot To Go To After Breakfast in Santa Monica: the Santa Monica History Museum

It goes without saying that there are many activities to be enjoyed and places to be seen when you’re visiting Santa Monica. Whether you’re visiting one of the finest cafes and enjoying breakfast in Santa Monica or paying a visit to one of the museums such as the Santa Monica History Museum, you’re definitely going to have a good time. Let’s take a look at one of these museums and why it should be amongst the top places you should visit when in the area.



To understand the importance of such a museum, we’re going to have to rewind the clock a bit so that we can fully appreciate its historical significance. Founded in 1975 as Santa Monica Historical Society, the location became a hub for those looking to leave the marks of history upon it, whether it be photos, artifacts, or other items that told the tale of the history in the area. Though it changed many different locations due to expiring leases, it eventually found its footing permanently in 1988, thanks to the financial support from the Santa Monica Main Library. It became a cornerstone of history where you can learn how the city came to be, how it earned its name as the pearl in the west, and how coffee shops in Santa Monica became so popular. Let’s take a look at some of the exhibits to see just how they changed and adapted over the years.


Then and Now

If you’re interested in seeing detailed information on how Santa Monica developed and how it changed throughout the ages, then this is the exhibit for you. With an interactive touch screen, you can see particular locations of Santa Monica and how they have evolved throughout the years. Enjoy the exhibit while having the best coffee in the area.


Donald Douglas Aircraft

If you want to know the story of how Dougas’ aircraft was designed and created, then this is the exhibit you have to visit. It features an unfinished replica of one of the original Douglas aircraft so that you can see for yourself just what goes into making it. 


In the Headlines of the Outlook Newspaper

If you want to have a more hands-on experience and see yourself as part of the history of Santa Monica, then you have the opportunity to do it by sitting between a green screen and a camera. You can have your likeness put on the screen and be on the headline of the newspaper!



Along with having the finest breakfast at a coffee shop like DogTown Coffee in Santa Monica, come to appreciate the finest history that this city has to offer. It would be a greatly missed opportunity if you were to not take advantage of both activities in short order so that you can learn to enjoy the cuisine and story that Santa Monica has at its disposal.


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