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What Does A Bee Removal Company Do?


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What Does A Bee Removal Company Do?

Bee removal Los Angeles does not think killing bees is A-Ok and it is not meant as a form as bee extermination. Think about it carefully. If you were to kill all the bees where would our food system come from? Our food system revolves on bees, whose purpose is to pollinate plants and a majority of our food sources rely on pollination.


Supposing that the world went crazy and got rid of all the busy, hardworking bees, we can forget about biting into apples, peaches, tomatoes, strawberries, coffee beans (for our necessary cup of joe), zucchini, chocolate (the greatest sweet treat) and raspberries. These are just a few since the amount of food sources bees help to pollinate are numerous.


Unfortunately, since 2006, America’s commercial honeybee population has undergone a 40% depreciation. It is bad, but the UK has recently stated that since 2010 they have been suffering a greater loss of 45%. Bees deserve a lot of respect, so think twice before grabbing a can of insect spray and suffocating them to death.


Many people contact bee removal Los Angeles when a bee colony has made their home in their residential and commercial space. The first thing we tell our clients, do not get a bee in your bonnet! Haha…..silly pun, but seriously. We do inform them not to call an exterminator, and are set against them to taking the decision to annihilate the bees themselves. Everybody should be grateful and thankful for the contribution that bees make to our ecosystems.


Even though at that moment seeing a bunch of bees invading and taking over your property can be a stressful experience. Our homes and commercial spaces make a great hive for bees and they can be deemed as pests when they create their hives within our space. However, opting for a bee removal company is a more humane way of clearing away the bee colony, without destroying the ecological community.  


When bees notice that their current hive is getting too crowded, the bees assign their bee representatives from the colony to look for a new location for a hive. Most likely they will select a place to call home for their hive on the edges of the building’s roof or soffits, on the building’s sides, in the trees, or under your garden furniture. The bee’s nature is to be a busy creature and it can quickly create a hive around your residential or commercial estate. Bees can basically build their hive overnight.  


Traditional pest exterminators are more likely to use toxic pesticides to exterminate. Pest exterminators may not be a great option if you have a colony of bees, but if you have wasps or hornets, extermination can be the best solution. In the case of the black and yellow honey makers, bee removal Los Angeles take into account our ecosystem and how dependable our food source is on the bee’s effort.


A bee removal specialist company has the correct equipment and experience to remove bees in a kind and compassionate way. Bee removal Los Angeles has the know-how to remove the hive from your residential or commercial premises, avoiding the need to exterminate the bees. A bee removal company’s approach is to obstruct all the nest entrances and holes to prevent the bees from entering.  


There is equipment that is designed to extract the bees into a container to safeguard their lives. Then the bee removal specialist can go about moving the hive in an unharmed way so it does not get broken. When the hive and bees have been cleared away from your residential or commercial area, they will be relocated delicately and without any harm to a location where they can keep on working for us. Now that the bees and hive are in a better place, the area at your residential or commercial property can be treated to prevent other colonies from getting any ideas of making areas around your premises their home.


A humane bee removal service helps to relocate bees and supports our ecosystems. It is unhappy news to hear that bees are becoming extinct and even harder to hear that scientists cannot solve this issue because they are not sure why they are dying out. Nonetheless, we do know that bees are

a trustworthy species that not only provide us with the sweet nectar of honey but also pollinate many of the fruits and vegetables we eat.


Nowadays, since bee extinction is on the rise and traditional bee extermination is frowned on, companies that exercise humane ways for bee removal are what the public wants and calls for. We understand that finding a colony of bees invading your space can feel threatening. But consider the dwindling bee population and work they do for our ecosystem before contacting somebody to exterminate the bees, rather than opting for a more humane approach of removing and relocating the humble and very useful bumblebees.


The most precious things in life would disappear before our eyes if we do not protect the bees. That avocado you like to eat every morning would be gone, seeing the flowers bloom, yup no more if the bees are destroyed. So do yourself and the entire world a favor and call a bee removal specialist next time the bees target your property for their new hive.


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