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These Tips From A Personal Trainer Santa Monica Will Motivate You



These Tips From A Personal Trainer Santa Monica Will Motivate You

Many Santa Monica gym-goers benefit from getting a personal trainer. The extra motivation that comes from having someone in your corner can mean the difference between working out regularly and slacking off. Even if you don’t have a personal trainer Santa Monica, you can still get some expert advice from the pros. These tips are sure to get you focused on your health and well-being.


Have Clearly-Defined Goals


Many Santa Monica residents have gym memberships, but they don’t go as often as they’d like. If you have a goal in mind, however, you’re more likely to push past the apathy and get those workouts in, according to many personal trainers. If your goal is to lose eight pounds, that’s a point of focus for you, rather than just getting in the occasional random workout. Your goal might be to work up to doing a certain number of miles on the treadmill, or a specific number of pull-ups. Strive to get there.


Set Your Schedule


If you know in advance what days you’re going to work out, and for how long, then you’re more likely to stick to that routine. If you merely say “I’m going to work out a couple of times this week,” but you’re not sure when, then it might not ever happen. Logging your workout routines can be helpful. You might have different days for different body parts. Write down what days you worked on your arms or your legs.    


Make Sure You Use The Proper Form


There’s no faster way to injure yourself than through bad form, Santa Monica, and personal trainers always cringe when they see improper techniques. If you’re not sure if you’re lifting correctly or if you’re using some exercise machine exactly right, consult with one of the gym employees. They’ll be glad to assist you. It’s also helpful to exercise in front of a mirror. It’s not about vanity; you can keep an eye on your technique as you go through your routine.


Just like a mechanic who works in a garage, a personal trainer works with the human body. Don’t be nervous about asking them for help. They’ll be happy to lend a hand, and they might be able to give you the extra motivation you need to help you reach your most ambitious workout goals.

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