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Clarence House Fabrics Offer Beauty And Affordability


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Clarence House Fabrics Offer Beauty And Affordability

There are many ways of decorating your home, but using different fabrics is one of the best and most creative options you have. You can give your living space an entirely different look, and you can do so without draining your bank account.


If you’re considering going this route, then Clarence House fabrics should be getting a lot of your attention. They are a consummate favorite because of their bold colors combined with their classic designs. Here are some concepts that you can look into and see which one feels right for your home and style.




Aside from changing up the paint colors, there’s nothing that alters the entire feel of a room more than adding some draperies, and Clarence House has all kinds of fabrics that are sure to make you swoon.


We like the Emery pattern in ivory if you have light-colored furniture. If you have darker colored furniture, then the Montauk will probably be your best choice. It has hints of brown and green that feel rustic but cultured at the same time.


But what if you want some colors that grab the eye as soon as someone walks in the room? Clarence House has you covered in that department as well. We’re particularly fond of the Delamere serape look, which calls to mind the clothing you’d be likely to see in a Mexican villa. It’s a riotous blend of reds, blues, and greens in horizontal stripes. If you feel like it’s too much for the draperies, you can always select it for some throw pillows.




Maybe you’d like a tapestry or wall hanging instead of a more traditional painting or piece of sculpture. If so, then the many crewel styles offered by Clarence House are sure to appeal.


There are dozens of patterns, and it’s going to be hard to select just one. If there are multiple rooms in your house that you’re trying to decorate, though, you can pick out a couple of favorites. You’ll need to look at the rest of the color scheme in the room and make your choices based off of that.


If it’s a children’s room that’s getting your focus, then the Diego pattern with its animals and human figures is a colorful but classy choice that is bound to captivate. If you want something more traditional and understated, then the Robinson Wool crewel is another handsome selection. It’s rich and complex, but compliments rather than dominates.


Clarence House fabrics are a way to bring a new vision into your home that is likely to arouse a lot of envy, but they’re so affordable that you’ll wonder why you didn’t decide to try them out a long time ago. Clarence House is a company that cares deeply about the quality of all of their products, and that is instantly evident in each of their immaculately designed offerings.

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