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3 Benefits of Signing Up for Boxing Classes at Our Gyms in Santa Monica and Brentwood

Sign Up for Boxing Classes at Gyms in Santa Monica


3 Benefits of Signing Up for Boxing Classes at Our Gyms in Santa Monica and Brentwood

There are many different places in California where you can workout and get in shape. But why do locals still choose IRON Fitness’s gyms in Santa Monica and Brentwood?


What Makes IRON Fitness the Go-To Gym in Santa Monica, CA and Brentwood?

Many people in Santa Monica choose to sign up at gyms to help them achieve their fitness goals. Unfortunately, the standard “run on the treadmill and lift a few weights” routine can get pretty dull for many people. Hence, many locals look for a gym in Santa Monica that offers boxing classes, an excellent idea for people who opt for a different fitness regimen.


IRON Fitness offers one of the top-ranked boxing studios in Santa Monica and Brentwood. Our boxing classes are designed to teach proper boxing technique that will increase your power, burn your fat, relieve your stress, and strengthen your body.


How Does Boxing Improve My Ability?

It’s not an exaggeration to call boxing classes a “workout that packs a punch.” All puns aside, boxing is a fantastic workout because it allows you to roll both cardio and strength training in one go. On top of this, boxing classes offered at our gyms in Santa Monica, CA and Brentwood also help improve your agility, balance, coordination, and reaction time. All four traits are essential in performing daily activities.


Of course, there are several other reasons you should consider taking up boxing classes. Here are some of those:


  • It’s a Great Way to Boost Your Stamina

    Boxing classes offer a great cardio workout. Boxing significantly improves your resting heart rate, leading to a significant boost in your stamina. After several weeks of boxing classes at our gyms in Santa Monica, you may find that your strength and endurance are both on a higher level. This will allow you to do much more in one day than you used to, whether it’s during an intense workout at the gym or running several errands around town. Improved heart rate also leads to better concentration, boosting office productivity.

  • It Helps Relieve Stress

    Admit it. There are certain days at the office when you just feel like punching the wall. On those days, it may be better to hit a punching bag a few dozen times instead. Our boxing classes on our gyms in Santa Monica, CA and Brentwood tap into that primal urge to lash out when you feel frustrated and put that energy to good use in a constructive environment. The next time you find yourself frustrated by the events at work, feel free to blow off some steam at the gym. Remember, having a healthy outlet for relieving stress is vital for both your physical and mental health.

  • It’s a Workout That Scales with You

    One of the harder things to do during a conventional workout is adjusting to your improvement and creating a routine that challenges you. This is not an issue when taking boxing classes at our gyms in Santa Monica and Brentwood. Boxing classes are offered based on your skill level. When you start out, you can get an intense workout just by practicing on the speed bag. As your skill level progresses, you can move on to more intense workouts or even sparring! Boxing classes will challenge you regardless of how long you’ve been working at it.


Boxing is one of the most physically demanding sports, but it is also one of the best ways to strengthen your heart, lungs, and muscles. Still not convinced why you should start boxing ASAP? Visit our boxing gyms in Santa Monica or Brentwood, and we will show you how boxing can take your fitness regime to a whole new level.

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