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You Can Boost Your Spirits With Time Spent In A Boxing Gym



You Can Boost Your Spirits With Time Spent In A Boxing Gym

There are all kinds of ways that people have for coping with stress. The pharmaceutical industry is more profitable than ever. Some people seek therapy because they want to work on themselves. Maybe it is childhood trauma that they want to get over, issues with a parent or siblings. Few people can say that they are entirely at peace with themselves, but we all must find healthy ways of rejuvenating the body and spirit. A boxing gym Santa Monica can be a place to do that very thing.


Boxing As A Bonding Experience


A boxing gym is a place of fellowship. When you are among the other students and you are getting instructions from your teacher, you can forget the clutter in your mind from school, from work, from your home or social life. You can instead focus on the footwork, on the accuracy of your strikes, on your breathing and the healthy sweat that beads on your forehead. Boxing, like all athletics, is about immediacy. It is about being physically present and getting out of your headspace for a while. Few of us don’t need that sometimes.


Sharing A Common Goal


Like any physical activity, what’s so nice about the time you spend in a boxing gym is that no two people have the same reason for being there. While one might be there for therapeutic purposes, another might want to lose weight because of a New Year’s resolution. Another might be thinking of going pro someday. But while you’re all there receiving instruction, none of that matters. There is an unspoken bond between you for that hour or however long you’re there. It is affirmed every time you make eye contact and grin at each other. It’s nice to hit something, those grins say.   


Part of what might be so appealing about a Santa Monica boxing gym is that when you’re there, engaging in the very basic art of pugilism, you are part of a tradition that goes back till the beginning of recorded history. Throwing a punch seems to be such an elementary exercise that it is easy to imagine our earliest ancestors doing it, ducking and feinting in front of their caves.


Our concerns in life may be different now. We might be more worried about trying to get that promotion or what to buy our spouse for an anniversary gift rather than foraging for food in the primordial forest. But boxing unites us down through the years, and time spent in a Santa Monica boxing gym is never wasted. It is exercise, stress relief, and a way to connect with our fellow human beings all rolled into one. It is a joyful enterprise. That is why it is so rare to see someone leaving a boxing gym without a smile on their face. They’re ready to face whatever life sees fit to throw at them. Seldom is a session in a boxing gym not the highlight of their day.


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