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Here Are Some Methods Of Bee Removal Los Angeles


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Here Are Some Methods Of Bee Removal Los Angeles

When bees show up in your home, there are different ways of dealing with the problem. The easiest and safest is to call for bee removal services from one of the trusted professionals in the Los Angeles area. These are pest control specialists who are certified in the removal of bees from houses and other places where people live. However, if you choose to try and tackle the bee problem yourself, here are some of the ways of attempting it.


Where Are the Bees?


The first problem is locating the bees. If you see bees in your house, the most likely scenario is that they have found their way into an attic or some crack or crevice. Follow them and see if they are flitting in and out from somewhere. If you suspect a location but you aren’t sure, you can tap lightly on the wall or wherever else you feel they are concentrated. If you detect a faint buzzing, you’ve likely found the hive.


Seal Up the Exits


If you’re dealing with carpenter bees, you can usually tell because there will be brownish droppings on the walls or the wood will have a powdered appearance. Los Angeles homes that are infested with carpenter bees must act fast before the insects cause too much damage. You can attempt to seal up the opening of the nest or hive using putty or caulk. This will cause the carpenter bees to suffocate.




Another method that some people like to try for bee removal involves waiting until dusk when the bees have been active all day and are tired out. By knocking on the wall, you can agitate the bees. Then, you can stand at the ready and suck them up with a vacuum as they come out. Once you’re sure you’ve gotten them all, you can close up the opening to the hive with caulk or putty. If you feel like it’s a new colony that is only just establishing itself, there probably won’t be too many bees yet, so this might be a viable option. If you think there’s a well-established hive, there will probably be too many bees to handle using this method.


Although some people in Los Angeles like to use these methods, or ones involving smoking the bees out or other more obscure techniques, you’re probably better off just calling for bee removal services. Even if you feel reasonably confident about what you’re doing, presumably you will not have prior experience in this area. It will be hard for you to identify what species of bee you are dealing with, and you don’t want to get yourself stung or cause more damage to your home. By calling a bee removal professional, you will be ensuring that the situation is dealt with expediently and safely.


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