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Fitness Classes For Older Adults Are Popular



Fitness Classes For Older Adults Are Popular

Physical fitness is critical to maintain at any age, but as we grow older it becomes even more of a necessity. That is why there are some fitness classes Santa Monica gyms that are designed for older adults, and they tend to fill up fast. They are especially popular with seniors who are still on their own and are resistant to the thought of moving into assisted living. For older adults who are determined to keep living by themselves, staying in optimal physical shape must be a priority.


Cognitive Function


For aging adults, it can be a challenge to maintain mental acuity, but the fitness classes in Santa Monica are a place to start. Many of these classes work on more than just general physical fitness. Because they are set up with older adults in mind, they also include exercises meant to fine-tune the motor skills. You need to maintain those skills as you age, especially if you still plan on driving. Many studies also show a reduced risk of dementia for older adults who engage in physical activity regularly.


Social Engagement


Studies also indicate that forming and maintaining strong social ties is a way for adults to fight off feelings of uselessness, depression, and loneliness. If seniors have a sense of purpose and something to look forward to, then it brightens their days. The fitness classes in Santa Monica allow them to make new friends and find like-minded individuals with whom they might share some of their other free time as well.


Less Risk of Falls


One of the common causes of tragic accidents with older adults is when there is a slip-and-fall and help does not arrive in time. With exercise flexibility and strength improve, and these events are less likely. Seniors take longer than younger people to recover from falls, even the non-fatal ones, so anything that can be done to avoid such eventualities should always be attempted.


Better Mental Health


Exercise releases endorphins at any age, the “feel-good” hormones which act as stress relievers. The elderly have as much stress in their lives as any of us, so exercise can lead to happiness, satisfaction, and better sleep for them as well.


With all of this mind, it is easy to see why fitness classes in Santa Monica designed for older adults are a hit. Those of us who continue to stay fit as we age are likely going to have a better quality of life as older adults, and there isn’t anyone to whom that prospect does not appeal.  


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