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Outdoor Things To Do, Los Angeles

How About Some Outdoor Events, Los Angeles


Outdoor Things To Do, Los Angeles

We’re back, with more selections that will have you taking to the streets this summer. Why stay indoors when there’s so many things to do, Los Angeles? With an eye toward getting in shape and enjoying the sunshine, Southern California has it all.


We begin with some natural splendor that’s sure to calm you and recharge your batteries. NHM’s Butterfly Pavilion has more than 53 species of butterfly and moth, as well as some unique and visually arresting plants native to California. This is an outdoor exhibit that is only open seasonally, and it’s very moving to stand still amongst the butterflies while they land on your head and shoulders. They’re most active in the morning, so get there early, and bring the kids.


Keeping in the spirit of outdoor activities, how do some free archery lessons sound? You might have taken archery back in high school gym classes, but it’s way more awesome outdoors, and there are multiple spots around the city where you can get free lessons. Roving Archers Range, in Pasadena, and the San Fernando Valley’s Woodley Park are probably your best bets. The instructors provide bows, arrows, and targets. Who knows? You might even find your Maid Marian.


If you’re looking to keep your body hard and your endurance up, then try pitting yourself against the Santa Monica stairs. There are two versions, concrete and wooden, and both are quite steep. Why join a gym, when you’ve got places like this that you can visit for free? If you need encouragement, there are often people selling water at the top, and you might just meet a new workout buddy or two.


Our last pick is kite flying at the Korean Bell of Friendship. The bell, located in a pagoda in San Pedro overlooking the coast, was a gift from the South Korean government in 1976. It’s a lovely site, with a breathtaking view, and one of the best things you can do there is bring your kite and take advantage of the wind, since it can be quite fierce when it’s coming off the ocean. There’s no more exhilarating feeling than racing back and forth across the bluff and feeling the wind in your hair.

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