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Finding Your New Favorite Steak Restaurants: Los Angeles

Let’s Discuss The Best Steak Restaurants, Los Angeles


Finding Your New Favorite Steak Restaurants: Los Angeles

For all the carnivores out there, these are grand times to live in Southern California. Some argue that choices for steakhouses around here have reached their apex. If you’re serious about restaurants, Los Angeles, and if words like “porterhouse” and “strip steak” make your eyes glaze over, then read on, as we extol the virtues of our absolute favorites.


We begin with Damon’s Steak House, in Glendale. It’s been open since 1937, and that sort of longevity alone should tell you that they’re doing something right. Damon’s is hardly resting on their laurels, though. Steak is an artform for them, and the best option has to be the T-bone, though the prime rib, which weighs in at 20 ounces, gets honorable mention. There’s also kind of a tiki motif going on, so better opt for one of those fancy tropical drinks instead of the traditional cabernet.


Alexander’s Steakhouse, in Pasadena, is an import from the Bay Area, but the LA version is just as good. They feature several different cuts of the sensational Wagyu brand, and though that alone should be enough enticement to get you in the door, some of the starters are showstoppers too. The grilled octopus or the caviar are the best ways to begin your meal. For the mains, if you opt for the Wagyu, it’s hand cut to order, in three-ounce portions, but beware, it’s not going to be easy on the wallet. The Miyazaki variety will run you $120 for those precious three ounces, while the Shiga Ohmi goes for $145.


The Arroyo Chop House, in Pasadena, is way less fancy, but there’s something to be said for an old-school vibe that never goes out of style. Their cocktails are the stars here just as much as the food, and whether it’s a vodka martini James Bond-style, a Manhattan, or an Old-Fashioned, they’ll serve them up strong and keep them coming. For dinner, the prime-graded porterhouse is big enough to be shared by two or possibly even three people, depending on how hungry everyone is. It’s a veritable bargain at $89.


Our final spot goes to Michael Mina’s Bourbon Steak, on Brand Boulevard. This is a formal affair, a dining room with white tablecloths and a contemporary feel, and it’s not uncommon to hear discussions of venture capitalism at the next table. There’s often live piano music to accompany your meal, which always includes the complimentary duck fat-fried potato sticks, and three dipping sauces. As for the steaks, get yours drowned in either the Bearnaise sauce, or the green peppercorn.


There are tons of spots in Southern California to worship at the altar of beef. Try one of these the next time you have a worthy occasion; birthdays and graduations are always suitable excuses, but with food this good in your neighborhood, there’s no harm in making up your own holiday. Which one will be your new favorite?   


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