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This Summer There’s Plenty Of Things To Do, Los Angeles

With So Many Upcoming Events, Los Angeles, It Will Be Hard To Choose


This Summer There’s Plenty Of Things To Do, Los Angeles

We’re not too far away from those glorious summer months, and if you’re looking for things to do, Los Angeles residents, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few of our favorite activities to keep you busy during the hottest time of the year.


If you love movies, and old Hollywood, then why not check out one of the feature films taking place this year at Hollywood Forever Cemetery? This is the resting place of such luminaries as Bugsy Siegel and Rudolph Valentino, and Cinespia opens the gates every summer so that film buffs can enjoy watching a movie only yards away from their graves. It’s deliciously macabre, and the lineup should be out soon. The same group that arranges these gatherings also puts together sleepovers, DJ sets, and dance parties, so be on the lookout for those.


That most famous of amphitheaters, the Hollywood Bowl, is a great place to enjoy a concert, but before the music starts, this is the perfect spot to hang out and have a picnic. The venue even allows concertgoers to bring alcohol. They won’t let you in with hard liquor or kegs, but wine and beer are both fine. Get your grub on, and you’ll have plenty of energy for dancing when the show begins.


If it’s a stroll by the Pacific you fancy, then we recommend Santa Monica. On one side you’ve got the beach, and on the other, a spectacular mountain vista. That’s not all, though: there is all manner of restaurants, head shops, tattoo parlors, farmer’s markets, and bars. You can stroll along the sand and dip a toe in the ocean, or, if you’re feeling more athletic, there are also bike and skate rentals that will have you showing off your best moves.


There are all sorts of indulgences to be found in LA, but we’ll leave you with one of our most cherished: ice cream. There are several contenders for the best in the city, but we melt for McConnell’s. With locations at Grand Central Market, Studio City, and Los Feliz, the only problem will be picking your favorite flavor. Will it be Swedish gingersnap? Cardamom? Salted caramel? We leave the choice in your capable hands.


So much to do this summer and so little time. We’ll be back with more suggestions soon.  

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