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What You Should Be Looking For From A Personal Trainer



What You Should Be Looking For From A Personal Trainer

In Santa Monica, there are many reasons to get a gym membership and start incorporating regular workouts into your schedule. You want to feel and appear your best, and you want that sweet rush of endorphins your body produces. If you’re not feeling confident about the best way to take advantage of your gym time, though, then you’ll want to engage the services of a personal trainer. Here’s what you should look for as you make your selection.


Intelligent Intensity


Your personal trainer in Santa Monica can be intense. There’s nothing wrong with that if it gets results. However, their intensity should be tempered by intelligence and compassion, meaning that what you don’t need is a drill instructor pushing you till you vomit or so you’ll be sore for days after your workout. Personal trainers are supposed to be able to assess the fitness level of each of their clients and tailor the exercises to their needs. Someone who is already in peak shape can probably get started with a more rigorous workout than someone who is easing into a routine. Your trainer should be able to understand that.


Movement Training


Many people in Santa Monica who engage the services of a personal trainer do so because they wish to lose weight or build muscle. Those are both admirable goals, but likely the first thing a trainer will want to do with you is to show you the proper way to do the various exercises that will comprise your routine. A common problem with people who are just starting with weight lifting and other forms of exercise is that they are doing them improperly. That’s precisely what a trainer is there for: to demonstrate how to safely do the motions that won’t lead to injury over time.




Santa Monica residents also aren’t likely to want a trainer who cannot customize a workout for them. Don’t look for someone who is a “yoga person” or an MMA person.” The best personal trainers know about all kind of different physical fitness techniques and disciplines, and they will listen to their clients regarding their strengths and weaknesses. Clients are not one-size-fits-all, and workouts shouldn’t be either.


Santa Monica is lucky to have some of the best personal trainers in the world living and working in and around it. You should have no trouble locating one with whom you are compatible. They can help you on your journey toward physical fitness, and you may find yourself becoming friends with them as well.  


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