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Wondering If A Personal Trainer Is Worth It?

A personal fitness trainer santa monica Can Help Women Get Fit


Wondering If A Personal Trainer Is Worth It?

Are you contemplating trying a session with a personal fitness trainer Santa Monica?  If you’re like many women, you’re curious but also a bit wary.  You may have seen trainers on television screaming at their clients, making them do a lot of embarrassing drills, or even making clients exercise until they are ill.  Don’t worry about that. With our simple guideline, tailored for female clients, you can be sure that


  1. Does Your Personal Trainer Work With A Lot Of Women?


Did you know that women form the majority of the personal training market?  That’s right: odds are that your trainer, unless they’re pretty specialized in some niche, works with many female clients.  That can be to your advantage–you won’t be the first client to complain about not being able to find a good sports bra, about needing a step under your feet for bench presses, or anything else gender-specific that you might be worried about.


  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Tell Us That You’re PMSing


We know it’s not in your head!  We always encourage you to make it to the gym if possible, because studies have shown that engaging in some exercise can actually allieviate PMS symptoms.  However, if you tell your trainer that you’re not feeling great, they should be willing to take it a bit easier that day. Be sure to keep checking in with your trainer on how you feel, because the last thing any good personal trainer wants to do is cause an injury to their client, or make their client not want to work out.


  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For What You Need


Did you know that factors like hand size, hip width, and breast size can limit the range of motion in some exercises?  For dumbell rows, for example, some women find that they have a greater range of motion using kettlebells instead of dumbells.  Ask your trainer to help you craft a solution to anything that’s bothering you. Sometimes the answer might be working on your form, sometimes it might be altering the equipment, or sometimes it might be deciding to do a different exercise altogether that can achieve the same goal.


Ultimately, feeling comfortable and safe in the gym, having a great fitness plan, and having their needs met is something that women have a right to just as much as their male counterparts.  Don’t let intimidation or inexperience keep you from achieving your goals.


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