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Why Bees Are Fascinating


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Why Bees Are Fascinating

Nobody wants unexpected guests in their home, Los Angeles, especially if those guests are a swarm of bees. You can call on a bee removal professional to deal with the problem, but don’t give in to any irrational hatred of the insects just because of the danger they pose to humans with their painful stings. Bees are looking for a place to live peacefully, like us. They don’t harbor any animosity toward humans. If you know a little more about bees and the intricacy of their communal lives, it helps you to be more respectful and accepting of them.


Bees Serve a Purpose


Bees serve a vital purpose in the natural world. They pollinate vegetables, fruits, and flowers, and if a swarm ends up in your home, they probably got diverted somehow. Bees help plants to grow, and without them, many of those plants would die. By transferring the pollen between the female and the male parts of the flowers, they allow them to fruit and seed.


The Colony


The most common sort of bees that you are likely to encounter in Los Angeles are honey bees. The hive has three kinds of bees: the queen, the workers, and the drones.


The queen is the unquestioned boss of the entire hive. She lays the eggs that will become the next generation of bees. She also produces the chemicals that tell the bees what to do.


The workers, all female, forage for food. This means nectar and pollen from flowers, although a soda can will undoubtedly attract them if they find one on a picnic table or your kitchen counter, Los Angeles. They also protect and build the hive, and circulate and clean the air by beating their wings. If you encounter a bee somewhere outside, it is more than likely a worker. If you see them inside your home, then it is time to call bee removal services.


The drones are male, and they mate with the queen. Hundreds live in each hive during the spring and summer, though in the winter they are kicked out.


It is not usual for large numbers of bees to find their way into your home. If it happens, then the colony has gotten off course, and they must be carefully relocated. Don’t ever attempt to do the job yourself. Call Los Angeles bee removal and stay well clear of these fascinating but dangerous insects until help arrives.


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