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What To Do Before You Outsource Your Product Design



What To Do Before You Outsource Your Product Design

Whether a company is a small startup or a huge enterprise, a professional industrial design company will tell you that they have to keep changing and evolving while conforming to the truths of the contemporary business environment. The fact of the matter is that it is sometimes out of your control to maintain all the in-house processes for different reasons. 

For instance, many industrial design companies in California find that factors such as a limited budget or tight deadlines may force companies to hand over some of their work. However, this is the bottom line. If you want your business to stay afloat and reap the rewards, you have to know when it is a good time to outsource product design and development. This industrial design company is on a mission to let everyone know about the vital details you should be aware of regarding product design outsourcing. 


When Should You Consider Outsourcing Your Product Design? 

You are probably feeling a bit spooked out on the entire product design outsourcing process and whether or not it is the right choice for your company. To make things more straightforward and painless, an industrial design company has developed an index of situations when outsourcing your product design project to industrial design services is the best solution. 


A Shortfall of In-House Resources and Skills

Do you have an in-house product design team with the mandatory skills to handle all the work? Coming up with an idea for a product design is one thing, but bringing it to life for the masses is an entirely different kettle of fish. Here is a bullet list of the skills your in-house team should have to work effectively on your product design: 


  • An entire cycle of product design
  • Deep analysis
  • Proper documentation
  • Prototyping
  • Production

If you think your team does not have the know-how, expertise, and skills in some areas, you should outsource your product design to an external company. 


Bold Deadlines

Even if your in-house team has the knack to manage all the product design stages successfully, the project still has to be carried out in a very rigid schedule. This is when external assistance from an outsource product design company is ideal. By assigning portions of product design work, you can realistically meet project deadlines since several stages are worked on simultaneously and finished quicker. 


Small Budget

It doesn’t blow anyone’s mind that it is more lucrative to outsource product design and development to external persons. Many companies, such as Designstein Studios, provide effective outsourcing product design services at a reasonable cost. So, if only internal resources are required, a small company with a limited budget can still save money and outsource. 


Software Issue

Apart from the fact that professional software programs that program product design hs a hefty price tag, they also are challenging to master. For this reason, you are probably better off outsourcing the piece of a project that requires special software to a qualified industrial design company. In addition to that, your team doesn’t have to spend hours trying to grasp the complex software from a hill of beans since an outsourcing company will handle everything for you and save you time and money. 

What to Avoid When Outsourcing Your Product Design


By now, you are most likely less guarded about outsourcing your product design project to a professional company. Nevertheless, you should still be observant. Whether you go ahead and hire an external team to complete a specific project task or get them to do all the work, you should first understand the most frequent errors companies make when investigating product design outsourcing. This will help you steer clear of these mistakes.


Inadequate Communication

Everyone on the product design team has to lay the foundations of clear communication to hitch the ride on the gravy train. When you outsource product design work to third-party engineering teams, there is a high possibility of misinterpretation because of the lack of communication channels. Although you may think it is apparent, more often than not, projects have fallen flat because of cracks in communication between a client and a project service provider. Ideally, someone from the client’s company has to constantly be involved in the product design process as much as possible. To get the ball rolling, it is recommended to designate one primary contact from the client’s company and another from the outsourcing team. This will help prevent any mix-ups and errors, and both parties will eat, sleep and breathe every step of the product development process. 


Choosing a Team with a Poor Skill Set

When you are searching for a product design services company to outsource your design work, an extent of competence and proficiency is a must. Indeed, suppose you require external help for only one meager section of your product development. In that case, you will expect the members of your hired team to have extensive expertise in different industries, tools, and platforms. The fact is that the companies you collaborate with probably haven’t developed products similar to the one you are trying to create. Still, their varied skills and expertise can help you determine whether or not they are appropriate for your project. 


Thinking Too Little of Planning

When it comes to setting up a strategy, you shouldn’t drag your feet. Although it seems apparent, many companies underestimate the significance of getting their act together to establish a crystal clear plan with specific goals and methods to achieve them. Before the development process, both teams have to familiarize themselves with the strategy. 

Ultimately, outsourcing is a potent strategic tool that lets companies accomplish great results in a highly competitive environment of product innovation. For more information on outsourcing your product development, do not hesitate to contact DesignStein Studios at 714.375.4846.


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