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Voyager Institute: THE FIVE MINUTES GAME


Voyager Institute: THE FIVE MINUTES GAME

It’s the Super Bowl for movieheads! Voyager Institute presents a legendary update on a classic video store clerk tradition.

*Every* movie is interesting for its first 5 minutes: its chance to lure you in with people, places and mood while you figure out what’s going on.

For the Five Minutes Game, we’ve chosen 15 wild / unpredictable movies you’ve never seen before. They’re from all eras and genres, with most of them unavailable on disc or streaming. We’ll show you the first 5 minutes of each — and then you, the audience, votes on which we then all then watch in full.

Feel free to bring your own snacks, and let’s get started…

5:00-6:30PM – The Five Minutes Game
6:30-7:30PM – snack break (while we tally the votes)
7:30-9:00PM – we watch the winning film!

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