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Orthodontist Mission Viejo Fixes Broken Braces



Orthodontist Mission Viejo Fixes Broken Braces

Orthodontist Mission Viejo knows all too well that braces breaking isn’t unusual at all. The most common issues are that the braces’ wire or bracket breaks off. You shouldn’t panic about it, but you should get yourself to an orthodontist as quickly as possible to get your broken braces fixed. 


Braces in need of repair can induce discomfort, cuts, and abrasions inside the mouth and, if left broken, can lead to a less effective treatment. It is possible that you may need to do a small repair on your own before you arrived at the Orthodontist for a thorough and professional repair. 


Orthodontist Mission Viejo Shows Us How To Protect Our Mouth When Braces Break


When braces break, a broken wire or a moving bracket can be so sharp that you might have to take immediate action to save your mouth from unnecessary pain from abrasions and cuts with this loose wire. This may mean taking this situation in your own hands before you see your Orthodontist.


Generally, you can repair a broken wire or moving bracket with tweezers to move the broken brackets to a more comfortable position, or you could grab a pair of nail clippers to trim off the sharp end of the wire.  Also, you can use some wax to cover up sharp points from broken wires to help protect your mouth. 


Here is how to perform some fast repairs on three of the most common types of damaged braces: 


  • Wire jutting out from the last bracket
  • Broken archwire
  • A loose or “floating” bracket from the tooth but still on the wire
  • Bent wire


Wire Jutting Out From The Last Bracket


As teeth begin to move, there is a small possibility that the wire will come off on the last bracket. If you’re experiencing the wire from your braces jabbing into your cheek or gums, cut the pointy end with nail clippers or small pliers. If you don’t want to do that, you can simply use Orthondtoic wax to cover up the sharp ends. Get in touch with dentist Mission Viejo Ca to have the wire changed. 


Broken Arch Wire


If the arch wire on your braces breaks, the sharp end can severely jab into your cheek or gums, resulting in bleeding and a higher chance of infection. To make the wire safer and more bearable until you see your Orthodontist, use a pair of nail clippers or small pliers to trim off the end into a smooth and neat finish like mentioned before is a good option. If there is any danger the patient might swallow a small piece of the clipped wire, try putting a tissue inside the mouth while clipping off the end. 


A Loose Or “Floating” Bracket From The Tooth But Still On The Wire


Orthodontist Mission Viejo says that brackets are the part of the braces that affix to each tooth with a special adhesive. If a bracket dislocates from the tooth but is still on the wire, it can spin around and move along the wire. Talk to your Orthodontist to arrange a time to have broken brackets reattached to your teeth. 


A floating bracket is a less painful breakage compared to other types which can rub on the inside of your mouth. If you have to wait a while before you see your Orthodontist for repair, you can sterilize a pair of tweezers and use them to slide the bracket near the wire so it lies between two teeth or into the center of the tooth. Use the tweezers to turn the bracket so it’s facing the proper direction. If the bracket is troublesome, cover the surface with some dental wax. 


Bent Wire 


When you are wearing braces, you could struggle with certain foods that are too hard since they can cause the wire to bend. When braces wire bends, the loose bands won’t be able to pull teeth into the correct place. If you notice or feel any changes with the wire, for instance being loose, bent or broken, make an appointment with your Orthodontist immediately. The best thing to do is to have your braces checked out rather than do nothing at all for weeks on end to only realize when it is too late that the loose wire has compromised your treatment. 


Why Do Braces Break? 


It’s not unusual for braces to break when you eat hard, crunchy, or sticky foods. You have to think about whether certain foods are worth the price you pay for the pain and the cost to fix Orthodontic breakages. Take a few minutes out of each day to cut your food into smaller pieces or avoid foods that are not recommended for braces. It can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle in the long-run. 


Another situation where you could damage your braces is if you knock your mouth while playing a sport. Make sure that you wear a mouthguard when you play contact sports. Talk to your Orthodontist about a new or replacement mouthguard if you notice that your teeth have moved and the mouthguard isn’t fitting correctly. 


Now and then, food gets stuck in between teeth and braces. If you can’t knock loose the food with brushing or using a piece of dental floss, you might want to ask your Orthodontist or even your regular dentist to clean between the teeth for you. Whatever you do, don’t use a toothpick because it could bend the wire or knock a bracket off the tooth. Day to day brushing lets the teeth move into position as dictated by your braces. When food is always caught between the teeth, it can prevent movement.  


How To Recover From Cuts And Sores In Your Mouth


Sadly, it is very normal for people who wear braces to get mouth ulcers or cuts. The good news is that sores inside the mouth generally heal fast, but if braces keep irritating the same spot in the mouth, it can delay the healing process. When you get braces for the first time, you will experience the most irritation inside of the cheeks. The cuts and irritation during this time are very similar to when braces have broken wires or brackets. 


Fortunately, most Orthodontist breakages are quick and easy to repair. Contact your orthodontist Mission Viejo to make an appointment as soon as issues like these become apparent and unbearable. 


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