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Here’s Our New Favorite Restaurants Los Angeles

Here Are Some Awesome New Restaurants Los Angeles


Here’s Our New Favorite Restaurants Los Angeles

Los Angeles is synonymous with fine dining, whatever cuisine you crave. There’s always the old reliable favorites, but part of what’s so great about living in this foodie mecca is the way exciting new choices often pop up. If you live for new restaurants Los Angeles, here are some recent additions to our metropolis that you’re sure to adore.   


Triple Beam Pizza

On North Figueroa Street, chefs Matt Molina and Nancy Silverton bring you their latest effort, which pairs Roman-style pizza with an impressive beer and wine selection. The thought here is that you indicate how big of a slice you want, and then they cut it for you, weigh it, and sell it to you based on that weight. It’s an idea that might be unique in restaurant history, or at least it’s nothing that we’ve ever encountered before. As for the pizza itself, it’s the perfect combination of chewy and crunchy, and they have plenty of different topics to accommodate vegetarians and carnivores alike.



Located on South La Brea Avenue, this French bistro has a cocktail bar, bakery, and communal tables that can easily seat your large party. For appetizers, go for the “chips and dip” with yogurt, avocado, smoked eggplant, and ocean trout. Several cheese boards rival anything you’d find on the Champs-Elysees. If you’re thinking pasta, your best bet is the English Pea Agnolotti with mint, parmesan, Meyer lemon, and brown butter. If you’re in the mood for meat, the pig’s feet or the duck leg confit with foie gras and baby beets are both solid picks.    


Mason’s Dumpling Shop

Also on North Figueroa, this recently-opened dumpling shop is inexpensive but authentic. You can get your dumplings pan-fried or steamed, and man are they addictive. The pork buns are so succulent. If you get your dumplings fried (as you should), then you’ll enjoy the crispness of the skin and the way they break open in your mouth and release a rush of flavor. There are seafood options, several meat and vegetable varieties, and the staff is incredibly welcoming. This place gets a gold star from us.


Talking about our new favorites has made us hungry, so we’re off to find some more deliciousness. We’ll be back next time with some more recommendations on where to stuff yourself silly. Happy eating.

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