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Here Are Some Surprising Reasons To Seek Out Gyms



Here Are Some Surprising Reasons To Seek Out Gyms

You’ve surely heard that joining the gyms in Santa Monica CA, is a good idea. But aside from the stock answer of “to get in shape,” do you know the practical reasons why you should be more active? Yes, you have the chance to lose weight and build muscle, and that makes you feel better about your physical appearance. But as it turns out, inactivity can be harmful to you over the long term. There are several potentially dangerous conditions to which you can be subject if you don’t get enough exercise.




There are some different types of cancer to which you are more susceptible if you don’t exercise at the gyms in Santa Monica. Colon cancer rates are higher for those who don’t exercise. Rates of breast cancer in both men and women were also diminished for those that went to the gym frequently.


Heart Disease


Heart health can also be adversely affected if you don’t exercise. Coronary heart disease rates are noticeably higher for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. That includes those with an office job who spend several hours a day sitting in front of a computer. For those who do, it is recommended that you get up and walk around a little at least once every hour. Multiple trips to the gym every week can also counteract the negative impact of this sort of job.




Some people seem to think of depression as being irritating rather than dangerous, but that is not the case at all. People who are depressed can seldom summon the motivation to get to the Santa Monica gyms and exercise, so they are just as subject to physical problems as any other sedentary individual. Also, those who are depressed have a much higher rate of suicide. If you are clinically depressed, seek treatment for it. There are pharmaceutical solutions in some cases, but also you’re doing yourself a favor if you can get to the gym and raise your endorphin levels through exercise.


Stroke and High Blood Pressure


High blood pressure can come about because of lifestyle choices, or in some cases, it can be hereditary. Whichever the case might be, some medications can help, and time spent in the gym can do so as well. Once you have your blood pressure at an acceptable level, strokes and heart attacks are much less likely.


By joining the gyms in Santa Monica, CA, you’re not just trying to lose a couple of inches around your waist for swimsuit season. You’re prolonging your lifespan and decreasing your chances of deadly diseases. This knowledge should be all the motivation you need to start looking into some different gym options today.


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