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Here Are Some Great Options For Gyms Los Angeles

Things To Do Los Angeles: Gyms


Here Are Some Great Options For Gyms Los Angeles

If you live in LA, you want to look your best. You might not be in “the industry,” but that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to maintain your beach body year-round. Luckily, with so many image-conscious people around, there are some of the best gyms Los Angeles, and you should be able to find the one where you can get toned, tightened, ripped, and jacked. These are some ones that we like.


At One Fitness

This North Hollywood destination attracts some fierce weekend warriors to blast their glutes and quads. Comfort is the etiquette here, and you’ll find average Joes rubbing figurative elbows alongside dedicated trainers, Muay Thai fighters, and professional bodybuilders. There’s towel service, heavy bags, a boxing ring, top-of-the-line cardio and strength equipment, and there’s free parking, too. The Muay Thai fitness classes are offered several times a week, but be warned: they are not for the faint of heart. This is the only school recommended by the Sport Authority of Thailand and WBC Muay Thai, and they take that distinction seriously.


Crunch Fitness West Hollywood

This is our top pick for those who like the group class experience. There’s pole dancing and live DJs, and celebrity sightings are frequent. The second floor has floor-to-ceiling windows alongside the free weights, and it’s very motivating to look out at the sunset as you knock out arm day. There’s also a functional training area, a strength and cardio floor, yoga, and pilates. The locker rooms have steam rooms and Bliss Spa products as well as showers. This might be our top all-around pick, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that there’s also a Trader Joe’s downstairs. Work out, then pig out!


Iron Fitness

This Santa Monica staple is always crowded, and for good reason. Downstairs you can take boxing classes taught by former pros, and there’s a regulation ring, heavy bags, and mitts, as well as one-on-one classes if you so desire. If you’d like to try a more conventional workout, there’s plenty of free weights and cardio equipment upstairs. Lockers, showers, and abundant parking are also available.


With so many fitness meccas, you’ll be sure to find the one where you feel the most comfortable. Whether your fitness routine is an occasional thing or an obsession, there’s a place for you. Once you find it you’re sure to enjoy the full benefits of good health and increased stamina that will aid you in all areas of your life.


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