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Fitness Classes Allow Shy People To Come Out Of Their Shells



Fitness Classes Allow Shy People To Come Out Of Their Shells

As you walk down the street in Santa Monica, if you come across a crowd of people, it is difficult to tell much about them with a single glance. Even by looking intently at their body language and their facial expressions, it would be hard to say which of them are happy, which are sad, and which are leading full, well-adjusted lives.


The fact is, many people would tell you that they’re doing well for themselves. They are in loving, nurturing relationships. They have lots of friends, and jobs that they enjoy. Others, perhaps, would not be quite as enthusiastic. There are different reasons for that. They might still be seeking that meaningful relationship. They might not have a job that brings them much pleasure, or maybe they don’t have as many friends as they would like.


A Chance to Connect


That is one of the reasons that fitness classes have come to be so popular. It’s true that they afford the participants an opportunity to get in shape by building up their strength and flexibility, but they can do a lot more than that.


For the person who already feels fulfilled, they are a chance to possibly make some new friends who share a common interest. But for those who feel isolated or withdrawn for whatever reason, perhaps they are more vital. They allow the habitual loner to spend some time with other human beings for a while, even if it’s just to ride alongside them on an exercise bike or to throw some kicks in a martial arts class.


Some people attend classes at Santa Monica gyms with the expressed purpose of making friends as well as exercising, and that’s fine. But for those who are a little bit shy, this might turn out to be a chance to come out of their shells, even if that’s not what they were expecting.


When that happens, it can be an unexpected pleasure. To make a human connection, even if it’s just a casual friendship with the person enjoying the class next to you, can be a meaningful event. Perhaps it will lead to more over time, as there are plenty of friendships and even relationships that have started up from people meeting in gyms.


That’s why exercise classes can be more valuable sometimes than some people taking them or even the instructors teaching them might think. For the person who feels unsatisfied or alone, getting a chance to interact with others represents an opportunity for connection. The fitness classes in Santa Monica might provide a welcome into a new community, and the importance of that can’t be overstated.  


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